Yes, I did it. I used the ultimate cheesy phrase when talking about guacamole. But when it comes to avocadoes, I just can’t help myself!

Up until yesterday, I thought the best guacamole on the planet was from Mexx in Chicago. Now I know, the best guacamole I’ve ever had can be found at Besa Grill in Clearwater.

I stumbled upon it thanks to Groupon, but didn’t really think much of it til I looked at the menu online and discovered they have 5 kinds of guacamole! FIVE TYPES OF GUACAMOLE. AND, they prepare it tableside. How awesome is that!?!?!

So, since my most recent opportunity to go there ended up with us going to the mediterranean place next door (thanks, dad), I reasoned that with Cinco de Mayo coming up, it was the perfect opportunity to use my job to my advantage. I work for a local television station, and we do a weekly segment called Chef’s Kitchen. Well, a guacamole recipe from a place that serves five different kinds and clearly knows their guac, seemed perfect… ok, perfect and maybe a little selfish…

Thankfully, the reporter jumped on the guacamole bandwagon and when a different story fell through, she ended up there in a hurry. Even better, they were kind enough to send her home with a massive pile of guacamole and chips which I proceeded to hoard all to myself. One bite, and I was in heaven.

Turns out, the secret is the mortar and pestle. The chef says it releases the oils just the right way. Of course it does. Doesn’t everyone know that? And have a mortar and pestle made out of Mexican lava at home? Good news, if you don’t have one, the chef says you can use a metal bowl and a heavy spoon to get the same effect.

Now, my apologies, I don’t have exact measurements, but this is guacamole and you want to make it to your taste anyway. So, here’s the gist of it…

1. Create a paste using jalapenos, red onion, cilantro and garlic. I don’t normally like jalapeno but something they did made it so I don’t even taste the jalapeno.

2. Next, a pinch of salt and chop up some Haas avocadoes (very important to use Haas avocadoes)

3. Add those in to make it creamy.

4. Add some chopped fresh tomatoes and lime juice.

5. Another pinch of salt, a light mixing, and you’re done!

Eat up and enjoy!!

I’ll admit, I haven’t tried this myself yet. After all, I got four avocadoes worth from them, but I’m super excited to break my mortar and pestle in for Cinco de Mayo in a few weeks.

And, if that doesn’t work, I will certainly be back to Besa!

BTW – if you like to change things up, their other options include goat and blue cheese, mango, roasted corn and black bean, and bacon.

Yummy goodness … and even better with a Margarita! Salud!