Since finishing my teacher training, a lot of my friends have asked me if I’m going to teach and if I would teach them. I love the compliment and would absolutely love to at some point in the near future. But, right now, I’m still deepening my own practice and, let’s be real, still trying to summon the courage to get in front of a class! So, the next question has been, if I want to do a video, what do you suggest.

So, I thought I’d pass along some of the ones I’ve tried.

I have to say, I love both and Both offer a wide variety of videos from a host of different teachers, which is a great way to try different styles and mix it up depending on what kind of mood you’re in.

On MyYogaOnline, I’ve done some Yin classes with Bernie Clark and Cameron Gilley. Not only did these get me deeper into postures and open areas of my body more than normal, but this style has also helped me practice a tremendous amount of settling of the mind. I love holding postures for five breaths like we do in Ashtanga, but normally that’s my limit and then I’m ready to move on. But, in some of these Yin classes, we’re holding a posture for close to 5 minutes. Seriously! It takes some serious breathing and settling to not jump out of the posture after about 2 minutes!

If you’re looking for a good flow class, MYO’s Clara Roberts-Oss is your woman. I love her style and her series. On YG, you just gotta love the playfulness of Katherine Budig. She is so entertaining and makes the time on the mat fun! She will have you in positions you never imagined possible, and makes it ok to feel like a complete clutz while you’re doing it! Talk about pushing your limits, Dice Iida-Klein is amazing! I can only dream of one day having the strength and balance to do the postures he does. While I’m no where near them, they’re definitely fun to try!

Somewhere in between the yin and the vinyasa/power, there’s Eoin Finn of Blissology. Not only does he get you deep into postures to open the body, but he also challenges you in holding positions to strengthen your muscles and throws some balance work in there too. I’ve actually purchased downloads of his videos, and did one of them while I was in Italy – I enjoy them that much!

And, of course, being the Ashtangi that I am, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that you can also find Kino McGregor and other Ashtanga teachers doing the primary series or adaptations of them!

My other personal favorites on both sites have been Anusara. We don’t have many anusara classes where I live, so I find these really fascinating when I’m after a more ‘spiritual practice’.

For those of you checking out yogaglo, I highly recommend Tara Judelle. IMHO, her practice is absolutely beautiful.

On MyYogaOnline, Ashleigh Sergeant is my personal go-to girl. You can tell she’s been studying Anusara for a long time and really knows how to get deep into the body. I did her class that had a focus on hips and put some of her tips into practice every time I hit the mat and can honestly feel my pelvis opening with the rotation of my legs that she guides.