I finally made it to a tea shop I’ve been dying to try. It’s called TeBella Tea Company on Davis Islands in Tampa. I’ve mostly heard about them because of some of their amazing “dessert” teas, i.e. carrot cake and banana creme. But, as I’ve learned, they have sooooo  much more! And, lucky for me, they do a bottomless cup that lets you try many different flavors.

My first one was called “Sucre”. And in one word – it is Sucre! It’s a white tea that has lots of “stuff” in it, including silver needle and I have no idea what else, other than happiness in a glass. I got it iced, no sweetener and even when the ice melted, it was still delish! It had a bit of a sweetness without being too sweet, and being that it’s a white tea, it’s very clean tasting. When I think sweet, I normally think rooibos or black with ‘mixing agents’ like almonds, coconut or caramel or other sweet treats mixed in, but I’m told this is just a mix of various whites.

They also have something similar called White Coconut Dulse which is very similar but more coconut notes in it. I think it’s safe to say that’s on my list for next time.

From there I moved on to Key Lime Ginger. It’s a ‘green rooiboos’. I don’t think I’ve ever had green rooibos, but I can tell you that I like it much better than regular rooibos, or, I should say, my stomach likes it better. For some reason, as much as I love the creaminess, those teas don’t sit well with me.

This, though, is slightly more like a green, but naturally decaffeinated (which is probably good if I have any plans to sleep tonight).

Now comes the big question. What’s next?? Some of the other interesting combos they have that are definitely on the list:

  • Turmeric ginger (hello health benefits!)
  • White grape
  • Wild plum (also a white tea – but it has kombucha in it!)

Decisions, Decisions….