from California Avocado Commission

Oh, avocado. How I love thee. You just make everything better!

Seriously. I love avocadoes. I mean really love avocadoes. Even something as simple and basic and, dare I say, boring as brown rice gets kicked up a few notches when you add avocado. And, if that avocado just happens to be mixed with cilantro, lime and garlic, well… it’s a whole new ballgame!

I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to avocadoes.

I honestly find myself just looking for conduits for the divine and savory green fruit.

And, in case you were wondering, yes, it is considered a fruit based on the fact that it grows on trees and has a pit.

Some days just a piece of toast with slathered smoothy goodness is all I need. Other days, a few nice slices give a boring veggie burger a boost. And, have you ever tried a slice of tomato with a wedge of the big A and a shake of salt and pepper? Happiness in a bowl.

Tonight’s down and dirty recipe:

– Heated porcini olive oil from Kalamazoo Olive in a saute pan to give a little smokiness
– Left over plain brown rice
– Chopped up cilantro
– Smokey paprika (are you seeing a theme here? I was in a smokey sort of mood)
– A dash of salt and garlic powder
– And some chick peas
– Saute it all up…

and,well, it’s good like that…
BUT, to top it off.. the piece de resistance… a drop-a guac-a!


The previous night’s avocado creation is also well deserving of a shout out. A refreshing use of something so savory.


– Cube a mango – I used a whole one (hooray for mango season and mangoes on sale for $1/each!)
– Cube an avocado (I just used half of one)
– Squeeze some fresh lime
– Drizzle a bit of EVOO (if you want…  I dont’ always add it)


I’ve seen variations on this “recipe” too that make it more of a ‘meal’ or more of a ‘salad’. Some ideas:
– shaved red onion
– black beans and cilantro
– crab
– serve it on a bed of spinach or massaged kale with toasted almonds
– sprinkle on some unsweetened coconut

Avocadoes are also great to add to smoothies to add creaminess and a bit of fat that will keep you satisfied. I particularly like them with my protein powder, Vega Vanilla Chai.

Yes, I said it . Avocadoes have fat! Don’t go running way screaming now, it’s GOOD FAT. And, they also have about 20 vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
You can read more about the breakdown here thanks to the California Avocado Commission.

That’s why they can be great substitutes for butter or shortening in some baking recipes.  

Rumor has it they also freeze well if you mash them first.

So many options, so little time!

Cheers to the avocado!