I grew up in Chicago where eating pizza is a religious experience. The thicker the pizza, the deeper the crust, the more cheese, the better.

Not to mention, in my house, the freezer was always stocked full of frozen pizzas. We even had fundraisers for school that had us selling frozen Tombstone Pizza, which, of course, means loading up on those to reach our quota. I may not have grown up learning to cook, but I was a master at getting the frozen pizza just the right level of done-ness so the cheese was bubbling and had the brown crispy areas and the crust was just crunchy enough without crumbling. Unfortunately, I also, I’m sure, have lost a few layers of the roof of my mouth from not being able to wait before biting into the ooey-gooey goodness.

Fast forward 30-something years and I start down the road of healthy eating and veganism… and one food clearly missing from that eating plan is pizza.

Now, I’ve given up a lot of foods in my quest to live a healthy lifestyle – cookies, cakes, ice cream – but in all this, the one food I have craved for years is pizza. Between the gluten, the dairy, the sugar –  I know myself well enough to know that much as I think I will enjoy eating it, I won’t enjoy the after effects.

Then, from the heavens – or at least from Amy’s Kitchen – spotted in the freezer section of Whole Foods, was Amy’s Roasted Vegetable, No Cheese, Rice Crust, Gluten Free, Dairy Free Pizza!!!

It had Shiitake mushrooms, onions and roasted red pepper. I snatched up two and rushed home to pop them in the oven.

Twenty minutes later my personal pie was served!

I sliced it up and took at bite.

I’m still not exactly sure what the sauce was except that it was flavorful. It had a nice amount of spice and without being too garlicky or too heavy in the red pepper as so many pizzas like that can be.  I think it may have been a tomato-base but it was not too tomato-y. And, my big gripe with a lot of tomato-bases is that they are too salty or too sugary and this was neither. The mushrooms added a good smoky kind of flavor which I love and the sweet onions were, well, sweet!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the rice crust. One of my concerns with crusts is that they often have a lot of sugar in them. Amy’s – aside from the obvious benefit of being gluten-free – also only has agave as a sweetener, and I’m fairly confident that’s in the sauce and not the crust. The curst had a really nice consistency. It was a good thickness and wasn’t too crunchy or too soggy. It was just right!

I highly recommend Amy’s pizza for anyone looking for gluten-free and/or dairy free pizza – or who just wants something quick, easy and healthy.