Going through life, one practice, one breath, one day at a time.

I did yoga for a long time before really realizing the power of yoga. I knew it made me feel good. I knew I liked the people. And I knew there was something to the fact that yoga has been around for thousands of years.

But, it wasn’t until I really started thinking about what I wanted for my future that yoga kept surfacing and demanding I pay attention. Little did I know how important of a role it would play in my life.

I enrolled in the teacher training program with Ally Ford at White Orchid in Clearwater just to do something positive for myself and to learn more about the philosophy of yoga – especially ashtanga. But when, during the teacher training program, I went through some personal strife, yoga became my salvation. It taught me to take one moment, one situation at a time, and to listen to what my body was telling me. My yoga mat was always there to help guide me to the answers that were within me. I am eternally grateful to all the teachers at White Orchid in Clearwater. I knew I found my ‘home’ the moment I walked in the door of the studio. I am also so appreciative of other teachers scattered throughout the Tampa Bay area, and a special hug for Aria Bernson , who may not know how much her amazing spirit and beauty had to do with my love for yoga.

After completing the training, I intend to share with others the powerful impact that yoga can have on us, especially during stressful times in our lives. My style will be ashtanga based, with the breath being a primary focus of every class, because it is the breath that takes me back to the present every time. I also intend to continue to learn about the Yoga Sutras and how to incorporate those into life today. Through my writing, I hope to share my learnings with those who are either unable to attend classes, who remain unsure about the power of yoga, and with other yogis who are equally as interested and passionate about continuing the learning process.


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